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2021-03-18 New Infant Bow Shock paper
Infant Bow Shock with rhinos

2021-03-18 Infant Bow Shock: the movie

2021-01-30 Waves
Rhinoceros rejoicing over waves.

2021-01-19 Vector Analysis: the course evaluation
Rhinoceros rejoicing over waves.

2020-11-19 Vector Analysis: index notation
The gradient expressed using index notation.

2020-11-19 Vector Analysis: the Levi-Civita operator
The Levi-Civita operator

2020-11-17 Vector Analysis: the nabla operator
Rhinoceros steps through a nabla operator symbol

2020-10-29 Vector Analysis
Rhinoceros reads vector analysis book

2020-10-20 Vector Analysis: vector potential
På A kan vi inte och på B säger vi rot A.

2020-10-09 Vector Analysis: conservative fields
The integral of a conservative vector field along a closed curve is zero.

2020-10-06 Vector Analysis: the gradient
The gradient points in the direction of an increasing scalar field.

2020-09-27 Northern lights lecture
Rhino records a lecture
about the aurora

2020-09-16 Bow shock explained
Rhino explains the bow shock

2018-06-05 Atmospheric escape
Atmospheric escape

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